Greetings Fellow Rotarians!

We are excited to share the details of District Governor Richard Flanders’ District Wheelchair Drive with you!

As you know, Rotary plays a big part in providing wheelchairs around the globe and we have the chance to make an even bigger impact. The District has a goal of $84,000, however, we are getting a $1 for $1 match from generous contributors, David Behring and Don Routh, so our goal is cut in half!

By the numbers:
2 cities in Mexico
1 container per city
280 wheelchairs per container
560 wheelchairs in total

560 opportunities to make a BIG difference in someone’s life through mobility!

We invite you to be part of this great humanitarian effort. Here’s how:

1. Inspire your fellow club members and others by sharing the wheelchair video on our District website.  Warning... it’s a TEARJERKER! 
2. Email them the following flyer so that they can individually sponsor via PayPal:  Wheelchair Sponsorship form - PayPal

3.  Do some prefer to pay by check? We’ve got you! They can use the attached "Wheelchair Gift Acceptance Form".

4. If your club would like to sponsor as a group, please let Brenda Swiney or Amy Neuman know!  We’ll note your club’s commitment and work with you on getting the sponsorship completed.
5. THE BEST PART!  You can travel with the District to deliver the wheelchairs and personally give mobility to someone who needs it! We are planning two trips, one in March and one during the summer to increase your chances of participating.
We are collecting funds through April 8, 2022. 
Please contact Brenda or Amy if there are any other questions.

We look forward to your participation!

Brenda and Amy
Special Project of the District Governor (Wheelchairs)

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