Weekly Team Duties   Team Captain Suzan Slater   September- October 2021
TEAM                ASSIGNMENTS:M   E   E   T   I   N   G       D   A   T   E   S :
Pledge of Allegiance No MeetingKris WyattSuzan SlaterNo MeetingJim GillioNo MeetingSam SlaterNo Meeting
Thought of the Day No MeetingMichelle LeonardMike SanchezNo MeetingSam SlaterNo MeetingJim GillioNo Meeting
Sargeant at Arms 3 No MeetingSuzan SlaterMichelle LeonardNo MeetingSam SlaterNo MeetingKris WyattNo Meeting
Greeter 2 No MeetingMike SanchezSam SlaterNo MeetingMichelle LeonardNo MeetingMike SanchezNo Meeting
Detective 1 No MeetingDave BaumgartnerKris WyattNo MeetingMike SanchezNo MeetingSuzan SlaterNo Meeting
Collector 1 No MeetingSam SlaterJim GillioNo MeetingKris WyattNo MeetingChuck FroweinNo Meeting
Collector 2 No Meeting  No Meeting No Meeting No Meeting
Fine Recorder No MeetingBryan YamaokaSuzan SlaterNo MeetingChuck FroweinNo MeetingMichelle LeonardNo Meeting