Posted by Amalia Ellis on Jun 01, 2019

It’s always a pleasure to host San Benito High School Students of the Month. On Monday, May 20th the 2018-2019 Students of the Month joined us at our luncheon and shared their future plans with us. These young leaders have a bright future and we couldn’t be more proud of them. 2 lucky students won the raffle and got to take home a new laptop complete with Microsoft Office Suite. Congrats again to all these students!

1. Jaron Cota
2. Alex Vodanovich
3. West Andrade
4. Ramon Delgado
5. Nathaniel Greene
6. Oliver Dolan
7. Ali Suleiman
8. Frederick Keith
9. Kelvyn Hernandez
10.Joeven Los Banos

1. Isabella Donati
2. Jennifer Rosas
3. Grace Richards 4. Alissa King
5. Kailey Powell
6. Chloe Bessette
7. Valerie Gonzalez 8. Elizabeth Fleming 9. Katelynn Casey
10. Samantha Bloom