Posted by Amalia Ellis on Oct 01, 2017
Team Captain - Jim Fosdick
TEAM  ASSIGNMENTS:M   E   E   T   I   N   G       D   A   T   E   S :
Pledge of AllegianceJim PleyteBob TiffanyPaul FeisthamelSam BregerMarilyn Ferreira
Thought of the DayPaul FeisthamelJuli VieiraMarilyn FerreiraPhil FortinoJim Pleyte
Sargeant at Arms 3Marilyn FerreiraPhil FortinoJim PleyteRobert RodriguezBob Tiffany
Greeter 2Christine BreenRobert RodriguezJuli VieiraJim PleytePaul Feisthamel
Detective 1Jim FosdickSam BregerChristine BreenJuli VieiraRobert Rodriguez
Collector 1Sam BregerChristine BreenPhil FortinoBob TiffanyJuli Vieira
Collector 2Juli VieiraJim FosdickRobert RodriguezMarilyn FerreiraJim Fosdick
Fine RecorderRobert RodriguezPaul FeisthamelSam BregerChristine BreenPhil Fortino
1 This is the BIG job.  Let's all be sure to help the Detective each week!!!  
2 Greeter needs to arrive at 11:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. to GREET MEMBERS UPON ARRIVAL.  
3 Sargeant at Arms also needs to arrive early to set up, and then take down after meeting:  Rotary Bell, Gavel, Banners, US Flag,
2-bottles of Wine, and the Badge box.  Duties also include to escort unruly members/guests from the meeting.