Posted by Amalia Ellis on Sep 03, 2018
Members of the Rotary Club of Ameca, Mexico, Morgan Hill's Twin or Sister club, has invited members of the Area 6 clubs to join them for their annual Dia de los Muertos celebration. To join the festivities, you'll need a valid passport, but not a visa. 
If you are interesting in going, please book the following flights between San Jose (SJC) and Guadalajara (GDL) on Alaska Airlines so we can all arrive and depart on the same flights:
Nov 1                     SJC – GDL       Alaska Airlines        #226         lv   1:31pm     arr 6:04pm
Nov 4                     GDL - SJC       Alaska Airlines         #235         lv   1:20pm     arr 3:16pm
Tickets are offered on the Alaska website, as well as several consolidators (like Kayak, Expedia, CheapO…). Prices vary between companies, and they vary daily (the farther in advance, the cheaper); expect to pay anywhere between $400 (sooner) and $600 (later). Our nice motel costs around $50/night for a room with two double beds.
The Amecans insist on hosting all of our meals (it’s their culture). There will likely be few other costs.

For questions, check with Peter Anderson at or 408-639-3164 . Be sure to let Peter know when you book your flights! 

Your ticket covers one checked suitcase.  Please note that we will be carrying humanitarian supplies of some sort  (books, medical supplies, clothes…), so please expect to purchase one additional checked suitcase one way going south to GDL.  We will do this at check-in ($35). Peter Anderson will provide you the supplies well in advance of our trip.  Hopefully it will work out that you can take a large suitcase for humanitarian goods, and a small suitcase for your personal items.  For the return flight, you can put your small suitcase into your large one and save on the return luggage charge.
Travelers will meet all together once before we go, to discuss plans and answer your questions.
We will not be tourists.  We will be ambassadors of Rotary District 5170 and ambassadors of USA.  Certain decorum will be expected of us.  We will be treated there with great respect and deference – just as a diplomat would be treated.  That’s not to mean we can’t or won’t have relaxed fun.  It is CERTAIN! that we will have plenty of fun and that we will be tremendously fulfilled during our visit.
Besides celebrating Dia de los Muertos with the Amecans, we will visit the Cruz Roja (Red Cross - where “our” ambulance resides) and a school or two where a future project is being planned.And tourism stuff!
Climate this time of year is temperate and warm, but not hot. Ameca is about 3000ft elevation, so humidity is not excessive.  The rainy season will have begun, keeping temps moderate. 
Their Rotary Club meeting will be formal, so men should bring a sports coat and women should bring business (not necessarily party) attire. Otherwise bring casual, conservative clothes and sturdy shoes.