Join us this coming Monday April 7th when San Juan Bautista Rotarian Annette Cain will brief us on the upcoming community service project for Area 6 Clubs. 

Annette Cain is an award-winning author, endurance athlete and certified personal trainer.  Known as the Longevity Lady™, Annette helps baby boomer women age stronger so their bodies can keep up with their lives.  Her ageless lifestyle products & programs provide an easy, balanced approach to becoming lean & limber and living younger longer.  Her just released e-book, “Ageless Dogma—A Dog’s Life Guide to Staying Young” is a delightful little book on how we can learn to age less and live more from our 4-legged friends.
Annette has a fierce determination to stay young as she ages and blogs about her authentic journey into the second part of her life (  Her favorite pastimes are reading, writing and NOT arithmetic, nature, cooking, athletic adventures, Pilates, and having fun with her husband and lab.  She is currently a steward for Save Our Shores and is also a member of the San Juan Bautista Rotary Club and serves as the Community Service Chair.