Weekly Team Duties   Team Captain:    Larry Barr   Months March April and 2020 Year
TEAM                ASSIGNMENTS:M   E   E   T   I   N   G       D   A   T   E   S :
Pledge of AllegianceDavid BaumgartnerDave WestrickBill TiffanyJeff ModicGreg La ForgeNo MeetingMarilyn FerreiraPaul FeisthamelKen Bettencourt
Thought of the DayKen BettencourtDavid BaumgartnerDave WestrickBill TiffanyJeff ModicNo MeetingGreg La ForgeMarilyn FerreiraPaul Feisthamel
Sargeant at Arms 3Paul FeisthamelKen BettencourtDavid BaumgartnerDave WestrickBill TiffanyNo MeetingJeff ModicGreg La ForgeMarilyn Ferreira
Greeter 2Marilyn FerreiraPaul FeisthamelKen BettencourtDavid BaumgartnerDave WestrickNo MeetingBill TiffanyJeff ModicGreg La Forge
Detective 1Greg La ForgeMarilyn FerreiraPaul FeisthamelKen BettencourtDavid BaumgartnerNo MeetingDave WestrickBill TiffanyJeff Modic
Collector 1Jeff ModicGreg La ForgeMarilyn FerreiraPaul FeisthamelKen BettencourtNo MeetingDavid BaumgartnerDave WestrickBill Tiffany
Collector 2Bill TiffanyJeff ModicGreg La ForgeMarilyn FerreiraPaul FeisthamelNo MeetingKen BettencourtDavid BaumgartnerDave Westrick
Fine RecorderDave WestrickBill TiffanyJeff ModicGreg La ForgeMarilyn FerreiraNo MeetingPaul FeisthamelKen BettencourtDavid Baumgartner
1 This is the BIG job.  Try to COLLECT $100 - 125 each week.  Let's all be sure to help the Detective each week!!! Try to fine Club Members who have a low balance.
2 Greeter needs to arrive at 11:30 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. to GREET MEMBERS UPON ARRIVAL.Announce Visiting Rotarians.   
3 Sargeant at Arms also needs to arrive 11:20 - 11"30 to set up, and then take down after meeting:  Rotary Bell, Gavel, Banners, US Flag,   
    2-bottles of Wine, PA System and the Badge box.  Duties also include to escort unruly members/guests from the meeting.