Team Captain - Will Sutton

TEAM  ASSIGNMENTS:M   E   E   T   I   N   G       D   A   T   E   S :
Pledge of AllegianceAnne HallBob MardenHJeff Modic
Thought of the DaySteve MillerMike Fisher ODara Tobias
Sargeant at Arms 3Jeff ModicManny AmaralLMike Fisher
Greeter 2Fred AvalliEster CurtisIWill Sutton 
Detective 1Ester CurtisDara TobiasDBob Marden
Collector 1Larry ShawRichard FerreiraAAnne Hall
Collector 2Bob MardenSteve MillerYFred Avalli
Fine RecorderWill Sutton Jeff Modicno meetingEster Curtis