Travel Details
We will all travel together so that the Ameca Rotarians need to make only one trip to the airport to pick us up on Friday and one trip to the airport to send us home on Sunday.
Purchase your tickets on these flights from San Jose (SJC) to and from Guadalajara (GDL):
Friday March 3, 2017
  • Alaska Airlines flight #234  SJC to GDL non-stop, leaving 11:25am, arriving 5:00pm
Sunday March 5, 2017
  • Alaska Airlines flight #235  GDL to SJC, non-stop, leaving 2:300pm, arriving 4:59pm
Currently several flight consolidators list these flights at various prices.  Prices and availability change constantly (prices always increasing), so book as early as you decide to go.   Tickets will go for anywhere between $400 and $700 round trip (on Jan 15, price was $382 round-trip !).
There will be baggage charges, and you will be asked to carry the equivalent of one suitcase of humanitarian goods one-way on the trip down to Guadalajara  (school books and/or medical supplies [not medicines] ).    
The Amecans will reserve rooms for us in a pleasant hotel on the outskirts of Ameca that we will pay for (around $50/night/room with 2 beds); can be paid with credit card.
There will likely be no other expenses for us, but we want to be good guests, so minor courtesy expenditures may be appropriate.  US dollars aren’t universally accepted, so we can exchange for Mexican pesos at the airport (for a fee, of course). US $100 is more than you will need.
This is not a tourism trip.  (But it will be a party trip!) We are Rotarian guests of the Rotary Club of Ameca, so certain decorum is expected.   They will coordinate and pay for all of our food and activities while we are there, which guarantee to be phenomenally enjoyable and rewarding.  We have done this trip many times, and it has never disappointed anyone.  The focus of this trip is their 50th Anniversary party, and we will be introduced as honored guests.  Gala attire is in order.  We will probably also be taken to one of the many Primary Schools where we have donated a total of 178 computers over the past 5 years and also to their Red Cross, where “our” ambulance resides.  Expect to be treated like the wonderful, generous benefactors that we are.  In both Spanish and English; Spanish language ability is helpful, but not needed.
Before traveling, we will all meet to discuss clothing, culture, food, protocol, and any questions you may have. You need a passport, but no visa is required. To confirm your interest, or if you have any questions, please contact Peter Anderson, Rotary Club of Morgan Hill.
Peter Anderson:  (408) 639-3164;